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About Hunter

Established in 1985, Hunter Property Management, Inc is a full-service management company which serves both property owners and tenants. In relation to our property owners, we have two main objectives: first, to relieve investment-property owners from the stress and responsibilities of day-to-day operations, and second, to maximize profits of those owners’ investments. Put another way, with Hunter you’ll see your investment-property as you originally envisioned, as an INVESTMENT, not as a job.

How can Hunter fully manage your property while maximizing your profits? The answer lies in the many advantages that Hunter as a fully-staffed property management company provides. Please refer to our “Owner Services” page to discover specifically the advantages of doing business with Hunter.

The Hunter Difference

While Hunter is undoubtedly a large operation with all the resources of a full-service management company, what sets Hunter apart from competitors is its owners’ involvement and attention to detail. The Owners play "hands on" personal roles in ensuring your investment(s) receives all the attention and tools to succeed. So if you are ready to make a change fot the better, email or call us at 417 8873004.

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