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Hunter provides services to all types of residential properties including houses, duplexes, student housing, and apartment buildings large and small. As you can see below, these services offer property owners many advantages.

Bookkeeping Services – First and foremost, by hiring Hunter you will be able to view the financial results of your investment. We keep accurate records of your investment’s financial activity and then compile the information in timely, easy-to-read statements. These financial statements not only afford the ability to analyze your investment’s results, but also aid in tax preparation. Additionally, you can elect for Hunter to receive and process your property’s mortgage payments.

Full-Service Maintenance Crew – Professionals in the areas of carpentry, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, flooring, painting, cleaning, and pest control, our maintenance crew alleviates your stress and reduces your costs by negotiating commercial rates. We receive the tenant’s request and send a maintenance man to the site. And because we answer emergency calls 24/7 at 417 773-2582, you will never be bothered with urgent maintenance issues. Our crew will fix the problem and you, meanwhile, will remain undisturbed at work, out of town, or in the middle of the night. In addition to releasing you from the headaches of repairs and tenant complaints, Hunter resolves nearly all maintenance issues in-house, thus avoiding the exorbitant hourly rates of independent repair companies. We are also experienced at remodeling and renovations-if you desire to purchase a "fixer upper", we have the ability and resources to get this done at reasonable prices. 

Preparing The Property – We at Hunter believe the success of a property is largely if not entirely, dependent upon the condition and appearance of the property for new tenants. Once a tenant vacates, Hunter begins work right away. Our crew will replace the locks, repair any damages, paint as needed, deep-clean the carpets, and finally, thoroughly sanitize the home, leaving your property in tip-top shape, sure to impress prospective tenants.

Large-Scale Advertising – As a property owner in the competitive Springfield-area market, you may have found advertising to be prohibitively expensive while unfortunately, also ineffective. Hunter’s large-scale advertising however, avoids these results by sharing the costs among numerous properties and benefiting from cross-exposure. We employ newspaper classifieds, phone book yellow pages, online advertisements, directional signs, Apartment Finder Magazine, and our own website which actually generates hundreds of leads on a daily basis. All of these advertisement forms bring your property attention, but the real advantage to Hunter’s advertising technique is the cross-referencing between these advertisements. When tenants inquire about a property, they will likely be exposed to several others, which increases the likelihood that your property will receive not just attention, but quality leads. This advantage of large-scale advertising can only be achieved with a sizeable property management company such as Hunter.

Tenant Screening – Hunter’s thorough application process means we accept only well-qualified applicants. Our application process includes verifying employment and rental history as well as purchasing and analyzing credit, eviction, and criminal reports. Our reporting agency advises us by phone of any noteworthy problems found in the applicant's background report.

Orientation & On-Going Correspondence – After an applicant has been approved, the property manager schedules an orientation appointment with the new tenant. Here the property manager introduces the tenant to a set of general expectations and explains policies set forth within the lease. Seeing that the tenant has been well-briefed on the terms of the lease helps ensure a pleasant relationship between tenant (s) and property manager(s). Beyond the orientation, the tenant is free to contact the property manager with any questions or concerns regarding the property, the lease, any payments and charges, or any other issues. Meanwhile, our maintenance staff monitors and communicates to the property manager(s)  any noteworthy observations of the residence.

Evictions & Collections – In the unfortunate circumstance that a tenant must be evicted, we have the experience as well as attorney support to resolve the situation. With the help of an aggressive collection agency we hold tenants accountable for any remaining balance plus all charges rendered after vacating.

Thank you for considering Hunter to manage and protect your investment property. If you are looking to make a change, please click on the "Request a Management Proposal" link at the top of this page or refer to the “Contact Us” page to discuss your property with a Hunter representative.

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